Sunday, July 12, 2009

Basement Academy (1st day)


This is my first formal foray into the blogging world, and I do pray I wouldn't disappoint. :) So.. for my opening salvo, a fitting topic would probably be another first, my first day of make-up school at Basement Academy. I was actually planning on enrolling at Lasalle College International since my bestfriend graduated there, RB Chanco is an acquaintance (and a good teacher), and I used to model there, so I have witnessed the basic dynamics of teacher to student and vice versa. But I wanted to start ASAP (as have 0 patience), and time is a big factor for me, so I considered Basement Academy. The fee in Basement is a little bit more than LCI, but the advantage is that they supply your models (no need to convince unwilling victims for a makeup experiment , lol), the course is finished in two weeks, and the number of students is controlled (limit of 9 students per class).

Oh, and I like their course coverage too, :)
Course Coverage:
a. Theory: skin, skin tones, texture, faces shapes, bone structure
b. Highlighting and shading
c. Eyebrow shaping
d. Blending techniques
e. Natural/Clean Beauty Make-up (daytime look, no make-up look)
f. Evening Make-up
h. Photography (color wheel, and lighting)
i. Black and White Photography Make-up
j. Dramatic/Glamour Looks
j. High Fashion/Avant Garde Looks
k. Bridal Looks (Daytime and Evening)
l. Television/Cinema

check out their website here


Met our beautiful teacher Cheryl Cabanos. The first thing I noticed was the friendliness of the people there. The Director and Co-owner Jeave Gabiana was very accommodating, and Blue (Assistant) was very very helpful. I warmed up to the people and the place right away.

Basement Academy Pro's:

  • number of students (we're only 7 in the class)
  • excellent facilities
  • nothing to worry when it comes to finding models
  • very friendly people
  • great teacher
  • the class continues later than the dismissal if needed
  • certificate in two weeks (as compared to weekend courses)
  • graduate students can always go back to Basement to practice, hang around, whatever.
Basement Academy Con's:
-nothing really to rant about right now since I'm just well into the beginning of my exciting make-up journey :)

For the first day, we were taught about the face shapes, different kinds/types of makeup, and all the technical stuff ( which is really important by the way.) Realization of the day : WHAT MAY WORK FOR ME POSSIBLY WON'T FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

We were also taught the "no make-up look" which is perfect for just everyday wear. Too bad I didn't bring a cam, hence the absence of a souvenir of my jittery first. Well , I'll just make it up for the second day, which I'll write about soon :)

Wish me luck guys! This is a make-up rookie asking for assistance! I'll be needing all the help I can get :D lol.