Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Basement Academy (6th day)

It's almost my last day in school, and I don't want to leave! In such a short period of time, I've grown to be attached at Basement and I will surely miss the place, and of course the people there. A special shout out to my inspiration and wonderful teacher Cheryl Cabanos, Sir Jeave Gabiana, Blue, Aldrin, Rick.. my classmates Janet, Tet, Karen, Tin, Cherrie.. I will miss you all! :(

Enough of my sentiment though, I'll write about my 6th day at school first. :) The day's topic was Black and white photographic makeup. Black and white pictures requires very heavy make-up, for it to register well on the pictures. Regular makeup will cause the face to be flat, drab, and well.. not so dramatic.

The eyes should be smoky. Two tone color works best for black and white (gray and black.) The contouring should be very intense, and the lipstick should be red (or dark).

Here's a picture of my model from full color to monochromatic:

(COLORED) Oh no!

(B&W) Oh yes!!!:))

That's it for my sixth day at school... I'm about to write about my finals in school which involves avant garde and old hollywood looks. I can say that I'm proud of the makeup that I did that day! Soon!!! :))

With the great lighting in Basement, we can't get enough of taking so many pictures! here are some :

An eye makeup experiment on my classmate Flip.:)
hello me!