Sunday, July 19, 2009

Basement Academy (5th day)

Hello world!

I'm back to rattle on about my make-up education in Basement, which is nearing its end. (soooo sad :( ) In a span of a five days, I've seen different skin tones, shapes, types, and so on. I've wrestled with keeping to heart the troubleshooting techniques (yes, this is face i am talking about still. haha) that I have to always, always consider. In a span of five days, I've learned so much already. Weeee!

Ms. Cheryl is not your typical teacher. When others teach the techniques, she also teaches what goes on behind the whole male-up regalia. The rates, the horror stories, the worst-case scenarios, and so forth. She is basically a peep-hole of what it is like to work as a full-time living and breathing make-up artist.

So, for the fifth day, it was all about bridal beauty! This may be the most lucrative of all the forms of make-up. Brides expect to be the most beautiful in the most reveled day in their life. And this is not just the bride we're talking about here... there's the MOB ( Mother of the Bride), MOG (Mother of the Groom), Maid of Honor, etc....oh, and let's not forget the groom with the manly make-up!:)

The main objective of bridal make-up is achieving NATURAL BEAUTY. Medium shadows, peach /pink blush, flawless skin usually does the trick.

I'm so looking forward to having my first bride! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :) Calling out soon-to-be brides, I am ready for your taking! lol :p

I will post my sixth day at school, as soon as I finish this.. I hope. :)