Friday, July 17, 2009

Basement Academy (4th day)

It was raining men in Basement Academy on our 4th day. Yep, men of all shapes and sizes.. and they became the subject of our brushes and make-ups! All of them were really nervous with what was to happen, but as the night progressed, they warmed up to us and the army of make-up harassing them, and almost looked thankful for the facial scrutiny they received. haha.

Male make-up is a lot different from women's make-up! Although it is simple, the key is to find the perfect shade of foundation, and it is not associated with the color that is visible in the male model's face. Women's foundation application banks entirely in the compatibility of the skin color, and this is what will make the look natural and not cakey. With the guys, the foundation should be three-tones darker than the skin tone, as this will adjust accordingly. Applying foundation that is the same as the skin tone will immediately make your male model perfect for a role in the Thriller music vid. :) White, pale, ghost like, and worst of all ( what guys dread)... being obvious that they are wearing makeup! (which will brand them for life lol).

And the most important of all... Hold out on the eyeshadows!!!! haha :D

Luckily, I got the perfect foundation tone for my model. Surprisingly, the darker foundation I applied to him really matched his skin tone! Amazing ,really :) From the right foundie and contouring, his looks really improved after the make-up. I wonder if he will purchase the products that I used on his face! lol.

Day 4 was fun as usual, impromptu photoshoots for everyone aspiring to be a model (especially for Vincen, a former haircutting student at Basement.) Strut your stuff!

Some snaps from that day:

Tin's model

A candid shot of me applying brow powder, a must. :))

The Basement People, with Flip (Blue, Aldrin, Flip, Rick)

Janet (a classmate) in action :)

I learned so much in 4 days.. and I don't want to graduate soon! (Monday July 20). Wish me luck guys, I'm gonna pull-off a avant garde cheetah look, a make-up that I've been wanting to do for a long time already! rar. :))

Wish me luck! :)