Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheetah / Old Hollywood Photoshoot

As I am writing this, I've still got the make-up school hangover ( I even get dreams involving make-up!), and I'm wondering what to do next. I'm about to leave for Singapore in a few weeks, and it's a shame that I wasn't able to maximize my full make-up artist potential here. :( sniff. Oh well, I hope I can widen my network there so that I can probably score little make-up gigs here and there. I hope!

We culminated the end of our very fabulous make-up class with a photo shoot. There was an electric excitement in the air, but also a sad realization that we are all going to part ways soon. Aww, I miss them already :( Everyone was helping each other out, no pressures, just plain fun with the thing that we love most.. MAKE-UP!

Before we proceeded to the main make-up application to our models, the very creative Ms. Nina Dumpa was there to demo her amazing amazing skills. Her work shows that technical skills + creativity = astounding make-up. having the complete make-up arsenal won't do it for you.. one has to have that passion. Ms. Georginna Desuasido was also there to demo a bridal look, with the use of an airbrush. The finish was really really clean and natural.. perfect for brides , and for TV. With the HD technology looming over us, it helps to be make make-up as seamless as possible, because a flaw is a no no in the HD Ms Georginna also shared really helpful tips and advices about being a make-up artist. She is an inspiration, as her neverending journey of learning is very obvious in the way she talks. She is always walking the path of reinvention. It was really nice meeting you Ms Nina and Georginna! :))

So.. for my first look, I emulated safari glam. It was all browns, bronzes, blacks, and of course the highlight of the face is the cheetah print. Rar! Here's a picture of my first look.. and I'm very happy with this one!

The second look that I did was Old Hollywood.. Romantic and elegant! Here's a pic:

Over all, I am very happy with the job that I did for this shoot, and I can't wait for the final pictures to come out! I'm so looking forward to collaborating with my other Make-up artist friends :) I hope to be able to at least shoot some before I leave..

Some pictures with the Basement people.. to bad our beloved teacher Cheryl wasn't there to send us off.. Please get well soon!!!!

That's it for my post! Ciao for now!!!



kissandmakeup said...

testing testing

Steph said...

hey love! congrats! love your works! :)

Pleebing said...

coolness! :) well done... clean drawings, neat make-up! hehe

kissandmakeup said...

thanks ms steph! hahaha. i will meeez you :(

kissandmakeup said...

hello pleebing!

Pleebing said...

when will you leave?