Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review and Tutorial: MAC Russian Red

Red lips brings images of Old Hollywood glamour, of elegantly dressed women sipping cocktails, and red carpets. Yes, it's that one thing you need to instantly add femme fatale to your resume. The red lipstick is like the LBD... classic, and never goes out of style. As long as women wants to glamorous, the red lipstick is here to stay.

With the wide array of lipstick colors that MAC offers, the company formulated several reds that suit different moods, characters, etc.. depending on what one wants to achieve. So then I bought Russian Red from Kate, that imports MAC from Canada and sells it at a lower price. Got mine for 600 only!!!! :)) Russian Red is a matte intense bluish red.. nice!

I was initially planning on purchasing Ruby Woo (matte vivid bluish red), but settled for Russian Red instead because both are almost the same, and 600 pesos sweetened the deal. When I swiped on Russian Red, I instantly looked as if I have somewhere important and star-studded to go to! lol. This lipstick is one staple that every girl should have!

Over all, it gives just the right red... and you can always layer to achieve what you want. Worn alone, it is perfect.:) Applying red lipstick is trickier though, you cannot just swipe it on like other nudes, pales, or pink. It requires precision and a lip liner!

How to wear red lipstick:
1. Carefully line you lips with a lip liner starting at the edges, and fill it out all the way in.
2. Apply lipstick with a lipbrush.
3. Blot with tissue to remove excess.
4. Dust with a little loose powder to seal it in.
5. Fill the lips again with red lipstick.
6. Blot again with tissue.
7. Remove any stray color outside the lip with a sponge or concealer.

An important RED LIPSTICK RULE: Always check your teeth of any red lipstick smear!!! that is so not elegant. lol. :))

Other Red lipstick alternatives at MAC:
-Ruby Woo (vivid bluish red.matte)
-Brave red (bright yellow red. cremesheen)
-Chili (brownish orange red. matte)
-Fresh Moroccan ( Brick red with gold pearl. frost)
-Lady Danger (Vivid bright coral-red. Matte)

Here's a shoot wherein I used Russian Red:

Love love love it! My theme for this make-up is Old Hollywood... a time of outrageously elegant women, especially in the entertainment industry. My favorite time in history!

Until my next post!