Thursday, August 5, 2010


This post is a marriage of two things that I feel for the most.. dreaming of being a cabin crew and makeup! Going to an open day for any airline requires the applicant to be his/her absolute best, physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the tools to help us to be extra beautiful is makeup.well not only make up , but the right application of it. It is meant to enhance, not to make us look like clowns.

My ultimate go-to look for an open day/assesment day/interview is natural makeup paired with red lips. It spells professional and sophisticated.

Here's a step by step guide to achieve the look:

1. Primer
A primer is a product that will makeup your makeup last longer through hours of waiting, sweat, rubbing etc. Its also a great way for makeup to adhere more to your skin, making it look more natural. Basically, it prepares your skin for the other products that you will apply on your face.

Must try: Smashbox Photofinish Primer. (available at Beauty Bar)

2. Foundation
Okay, this is meant to even out your skin tone and not to whiten your skin! So in choosing the perfect foundation for you, test three shades on your jawline and see which one disappears more on your skin. I personally love liquid foundations as it is the easiest for me to blend.

You can use a flat foundation brush, stippling brush, beauty blender, or your fingers to apply on the skin. Make sure to clean your hands first though! Start on the center of the face, going outwards. Use downward strokes to flatten our tiny facial hairs.

Must try: MAC Studio Fix Fluid (Powerplant, Glorrieta, Rustans Shang)

3. Concealer
Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin, preferrably on the yellowish undertone. This will neutralize the darkness in your eyebags. Apply in a patting motion and blend evenly so it adheres seamlesly onto the skin.

Must try: Kryolan Dermacolor Concealer

4. Powder
After the application of cream/liquid products on the face, it is important to set it with powder. Dust your face with translucent powder or 2 way foundation powder, adding more to the undereye area, and oily parts.

Must try: MAC Studiofix Powder

Smile and apply on the apples of the cheeks going upwards, to accentuate the cheekbones. Remember to blend blend blend since this is the key to the natural look! Fair skinned girls look best in peachy-pink blush, while morenas look best with rosy pinks. Avoid loud fuschia at all costs! haha

Must try: MAC Blush in Melba

6. Eyes
Emphasize your eyes! Personally, I wear neutral color eyeshadow on the eyes since I use red lipstick. Just choose one part of the face that you will emphasize. After applying eyeshadow, line your lower lash line with black or brown liner. Line your upper lash line with liquid eyeliner.

Curl your lashes, and apply 3 coats of mascara. Don't forget to apply mascara on the lower lashes as well! This will really open up your eyes.

Must try: Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, Maybelline Mascara

7. Eyebrows
Thread, pluck, or shave the stray hairs please! Have it done professionally if you're not quite sure how to do it. Once you have neat brows, lightly simulate hair growth with a eyebrow pencil or eye brow powder. Use strokes going upward to make it very natural and not penciled-on.

Brush your eyebrows with eyebrow gel to make it look very groomed. Use clear or colored (dark brown for dark hair, light brown for light-haired girls)

Must try: MAC Browgels

Apply lipbalm. blot off the excess with tissue. Line your lips with red lip liner... not just the edges but every inch on your lip. This will make your lip color last very long. Blot the excess with tissue. Apply your red lip color with a lip brush so the edges will be more precise. Blot excess.

Lightly dust your perfectly done red lips with translucent powder. This is the secret to the longevity of the lip color.

Personally, I like matte dark red lipstick. I don't use gloss afterwards, but if you want to, feel free to do so. After all, makeup is applied to you feel your ABSOLUTE BEST!

Must try: MAC Lipstick in Russian Red, NYX Lipstick in SnowWhite

After achieving your OD look, don't forget to smile! This is your weapon in capturing the eyes of the RO's. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

QR August Open Day

Check out the QR website! Open day in Manila, Philippines on August 21, 2010! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

BOOK: Moudifa! Culture Shock From the Top

I've been obsessing about anything even remotely affiliated with flight attendants these days, and finding the book Moudifa! Culture Shock From the Top was something to feed my addiction. Haha. I've read about it from flygirl's blog, (sadly, I'm not updated about her exciting flying life anymore since her blog is already closed to the public) many many months ago but did not have any luck in finding it. The book was always out of stock or they just plain didn't have it.

So, one day in Megamall, after hoarding clothes at Forever 21 (the main reason why I've been frequenting Megamall lately) I decided to drop by Central Books since I remembered that they carry that book there. So without really expecting, I went and asked. And luckily they have one on stock! Finally. :)

I haven't finished it yet so I can't really give a review or anything about it. All I can share is that it is written by a former cabin crew for Arabian Air (does this still exist?) Margarita Marquis. I believe that the book revolves around her life in Saudi Arabia, and her adventures/misadventures in a land that is completely different from where she grew up.

The book only costs 275 so it's a steal! So guys, if you're interested, go buy one at Central Books in Megamall. I think it's on the topmost floor, but I'm not so sure.

Here's a picture of the book.

The beautiful author.

Still waiting for the results. Wish me luck! :)