Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

I was out doing some make-up shopping in Landmark,Trinoma when I chanced upon Barbi Chan of Maybelline in the Maybelline counter (wherelse??!! lol) Being a make-up freak that I am, I approached her and asked for a picture. We chatted a little ( ye-hesss haha), and talked about make-up.. and then, she whipped out this product that she was raving about... The new Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner! She tested it on her hand.. and well.. it looks buy-able to me, being a smoky / black liner-loving girl that I am.

she's very pretty and skinny! :)

So then I bought it. Unfortunately I forgot about the price.. but as far as I can remember it is very inexpensive, at about 300 plus Php. It comes in only one color though, which is in black. I was in a hunt for a pen liner because I have to do very precise lines for a photoshoot. Let's see how Maybelline's liner delivered...

-Shaped like a pen
-It dispenses the black liquid on its own, with no twisting or clicking (which is not really positive since one has to guess about the amount of the product, or how the amount that it will dispense.
-Smooth felt tip ( can really draw precise lines, but it would be much better if it is a bit more stiff. After harassing it in the shoot that we did, the tip has become softer but very much usable still)

The product:
-very helpful in drawing precise lines, like a winged eye!
-dries up fast
-application is a breeze with this one
-easy to grip because of its pen form
-The color of the product is a little on the shiny side ( i like matte better)
-I tested the product on my lids and slept through the day wearing it. when I woke up, it is still intact. I forgot that I am wearing it and rubbed my eye vigorously.. and it produced one hell of smudge! (so much for the no smudge claim. lol. )
-If you're going to apply a second layer, make sure the first layer is still wet, because if its not, it will not adhere to the skin.. it will only remove the first layer of liner that you applied.
-after prolonged use, the felt tip will slowly get softer and softer
-this product will always keep you guessing.. one day it seems as if its about to run out because it won't dispense a generous amount, and the next day it will.

Some pictures:
I love how it can make very defined points! (Experimenting on myself here)

The product

The tip that makes precision a breeze

swatches: unsmudged and smudged. (excuse the glitter, its from another product. :))

-This product is a steal because of it's lovable price. It delivers the general purpose of a felt liner because of its precision. This is perfect for personal use. It won't smudge unless you touch with pressure/harass your lids. :)



- - aika - - said...

hello sa divisoria :D

princesseduciel said...

I use the same before, but after sometime I hated it because in a long flight, it smudges on your eyelids. It becomes your eyeshadow as well. haha. :)

Try Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner. It is soo much better. :)

kissandmakeup said...

princesseduciel: haha! ive tried that before, pati mac na fluid line , no-budge talaga! kaso mas easy to maneuver ang pen for me (parang koche lang?) haha

princesseduciel said...

yup pen is easier to use, pero makeup artist ka, you'll have no fuss with gel eyeliners. :)