Monday, July 13, 2009

Basement Academy (2nd day)

Evening look was the lesson for the day. We were also taught how to transform the typical day make-up into evening make-up. In the evening its all about drama... nope, not about drunk-dialing your ex-boyfriend to profess that you still haven't gotten over him, but... IN THE EYES. ;)

On my second day, I'm getting the hang of how Ms. Cheryl Cabanos teaches... theory, lecture, tips, then demos, then actual application for us students. She constantly goes around, checking our work, never letting us get through the night without really absorbing the right way of application. WHICH IS VERY GOOD! 2 months away from delivery date (she is 7 months pregnant and very radiant :)), she is ever enthusiastic of her craft, and very relentless is making sure that her students learn. Thank God for Cheryl! :)

Her long time affair with make-up is equally inspirational, as she once belonged in the corporate jungle, with her own office, fat salary, and , well you get the picture. In spite of the ultra-luxe lifestyle, she braved what was once considered a very unglamorous job ( compared to the status of makeup artistry today), and pursued the call of pallets, foundations, lipsticks... she pursued Make-up. Her humble beginnings have grown to having expertise that is only inherited from experience and right attitude. :)

Back to my Day 2 at Basement Academy, I chose 4 colors for my evening look. 3 shades of monochromatic violets, and 1 black. Too bad I wasn't able to take a "before" picture of my model (again), and the lighting in the "after" shot washed out the color on her eyelids. Someone has to remind me next time! lol.

To document the day, here are some of our class pictures, with our glowing teacher :)

Can't wait for Day 3!!! :) I'm loving every minute at school... and to think this is just my second day!