Monday, August 2, 2010

BOOK: Moudifa! Culture Shock From the Top

I've been obsessing about anything even remotely affiliated with flight attendants these days, and finding the book Moudifa! Culture Shock From the Top was something to feed my addiction. Haha. I've read about it from flygirl's blog, (sadly, I'm not updated about her exciting flying life anymore since her blog is already closed to the public) many many months ago but did not have any luck in finding it. The book was always out of stock or they just plain didn't have it.

So, one day in Megamall, after hoarding clothes at Forever 21 (the main reason why I've been frequenting Megamall lately) I decided to drop by Central Books since I remembered that they carry that book there. So without really expecting, I went and asked. And luckily they have one on stock! Finally. :)

I haven't finished it yet so I can't really give a review or anything about it. All I can share is that it is written by a former cabin crew for Arabian Air (does this still exist?) Margarita Marquis. I believe that the book revolves around her life in Saudi Arabia, and her adventures/misadventures in a land that is completely different from where she grew up.

The book only costs 275 so it's a steal! So guys, if you're interested, go buy one at Central Books in Megamall. I think it's on the topmost floor, but I'm not so sure.

Here's a picture of the book.

The beautiful author.

Still waiting for the results. Wish me luck! :)