Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back in Business

Its been years since I last wrote here! A flurry of activities, events, and happenings here and there led to the slow death of my just been born blog. Haha. So hopefully Ill continue writing and sharing whatever. :)

This 2010, Ive started having this quarterlife crisis which is just scary. Its like being in purgatory not knowing if you're bound for heaven or hell. So after the direct and indirect nudging from my family to apply as a flight attendant, I decided to give it a try. After the first attempt, I was shocked how it was so painstaking to make it. God, it was hard! Right now, I have overflowing appreciation for flight attendants who went through American Idol-like screenings just to get to the top. No pun intended. hehe. It was a grueling process, with numerous tests, and personally, the most painful of all is making it through most of the tests and getting booted out the last minute. So close and yet so faaaaaaaar.

I started to research online, on this exciting lives that FA's lead. Along the way, I saw some blogs of FA aspirants sharing both the happy and sad in their quest to fly. I felt for them, as I have also been through what they experienced. I am not alone! :)

Thank you for sharing what you know! Positivity always helps! :)